Thursday, October 16, 2003

I'm starting to believe in that curse. I must be a masochist...I follow Buffalo teams, and the Boston Red Sox. I'm in for a lifetime of heartbreak and disapointment. God, couldn't you give me a break just one year?? I can't handle yearly disapointment. You Yankee fans have no idea, NO IDEA what it's like to be a fan of one of these teams. Nothing to celebrate, nothing to fucking celebrate. It leaves a void. ARE YOU HAPPY!??? HUH...HUH!???

I shouldn't get soo down on myself! The Yankee that is up right now played in Buffalo! Hooray! He's screwed for the rest of his life because of that. Phew! I'm sure glad at this moment that Buffalo is cursed...maybe it'll spread like an infectious disease to the rest of the Yankees!!! Or, maybe it won't...he just walked, the bases are loaded....and.......BABE RUTH!!!!! AREN'T THOU SATISFIED!??? MAKE IT END MAN! MAKE IT END!!!! Just let go, grudges only hurt dude, they only hurt you (well, it's been quite successful in hurting Boston too I suppose)...

Game's not over...just my hope.