Wednesday, October 22, 2003

She fell in love with the competition for scarce resources??? I must be insane...

Question: what happens when one studies a serious topic such as warfare while listening to Wilco, Leo Kottke, and Randy Newman??

Answer: I'm hoping an A!

I can't believe I just posed an answer and question in my live journal...especially one with such a full house feel to it. I'm also slightly, erm, frazzled at the moment. My stomach is aching from vasts amounts of caffeine and herbal teas, my eyes are dry and have begun to see the world as a gigantic textbook/computer screen, my bladder is worn out from the abuse I've administered to my stomach, I'm really cold as my scatterbrained ways had me wasting precious resources leaving the lights on all day so I'm making it up by keeping the heat off (it's about 36 degrees?), and I still have more to do.

What am I doing writing as opposed to studying??? I suppose it's to try and grasp the little sanity that I have left, and to let my brain get the feel for something other than the Cheyenne/Sioux/Custer battle at Little Big Horn.

No more scholarly bits.

I have come to an unfortunate realization: I can't function without 12 hours of sleep.

I'm serious too. I'm not talking, I love sleeping in. I mean, my body NEEDS, CRAVES this huge amount of sleep. Otherwise, I'm utterly useless. Stairs are my enemy, couches a drug...I only got 8 hours of sleep today, therefore I can not think of anymore clever...somethings. See what I mean!???? It's an epidemic....or, a virus...or...or..... :(

Off to the races.

By races I mean books.

Song of the moment: Wilco "Heavy Metal Drummer"