Monday, October 13, 2003

Up next: Syria

Bring it Syria! Cause you know we are.

Get ready for my not so unobvious predictions: US will go to war with Syria. I know what you're thinking: Colleen, you watch the Daily Show far too much...they've been cracking jokes about our next opponent since Iraq! And besides, that's just not going to happen, we have no intentions to fight another war.

To you I say: I hope not. And yes, I am watching the Daily Show far too much.

But here is the reality:


I know what you're thinking: Colleen, what does that have to do with anything? That whole situation has nothing to do with us. And, stop telling me what I'm bloody thinking, enough is enough girl!!

So why do I think that the US is going to war with Syria? (which, I give a time table of four months, nobody messes with Rumsfeld during Christmas...but if anyone wants to start a pool, I'm up for it) For starters, they do possess weapons of mass destruction which we have already accused them of selling. Rumsfeld has already been on the record pointing fingers at Syria for awhile. And if people don't already know, Bush doesn't really have much to do with running this country. (I actually like the guy as of late, I feel sort of sorry for him, and I do think that he's doing what he thinks is best for the world, I just think he's exceptionally dim). So Rumsfeld's eye is set on Syria (just like Lord Sauron's is set on finding that ring!)

But it wasn't until the good old crazy Israeli government. (Please realize that I think that almost 95% of the Israelis and Palestineans are sane people being ruled by extremists...which creates an absurdly dangerous situation) well, it wasn't until they went ahead and bombed Syria and it wasn't until the US didn't mind that I thought, "definitely going to war with Syria soon."

You see, I don't like the problem that Isreal creates. I understand how important a land for Israelis is. What I don't like is putting that land in the middle of a region that has been in the midst of serious religious feuds for thousands of years already and than imflamming the situation by colonizing and taking away land from other people, and than taking away the civil rights of the people remaining. What I also don't like is crazy people resorting to violence to get their point across and making the situation an eye for an eye battle that is only getting worse. And what I further don't like is all of the crappy US attempts to create peace in the region that just seem insincere and skewed. And now, we're paying. And yes, that was an intentionally confusing paragraph as the whole situation is confusing, and to be perfectly honost, I hardly have a grip on it myself.

I just wish that the US would do the following:

A: disarm- In my dreams, I suppose. What I don't understand is why the US needs to have an insane amount of nuclear weapons, why they need to develop more, and why they need to test these weapons. The WMD (weapons of mass destruction) that we have been searching for were developed here, and yet the information leaked and the result has been nothing but terror. How developing more weapons can lead us to a safer world is way beyond me. I would love it if someone could explain it to me. Really, I would., write and tell me how. But all I can forsee is the information leaking and the world being held hostage by even more fear. I also don't see how us being in possession of such arms could possibly encourage countries with volatile leaders to disarm themselves. There are way to many unbalanced leaders in the world in love wth power. Military equals might when economies don't. If the US would take the initiative to disarm themselves, than perhaps the world would. Or maybe I am an idealist.

B: consistancy- No one doubts that Saddam was a giant a**hole. The issue at hand is that the world is populated with Saddam lookalikes, ruling and hurting the world. Yet, the US turns a blind eye when it comes to these problems. In high school, our local representative, Louise Slaughter, came to speak to the AP government classes. A class populated with both liberals and conservatives in training. Each with their own beef with the representative. The questions quickly addressed the issues in China. We were given a roundabout answer. We were all unsatisfied. I used to be a member of SFT (Students for a Free Tibet). A literal genocide is happening in the area known as Tibet. The people are being stopped, the culture is ending. But China does have a billion people to make our products and to sell to. In the end, the Tibetans don't matter, and never will. A world of aggressors and commerce is killing a culture of pacifism and compassion. Do I want to go to war with China? Are you kidding me!??? Heck no! But I do want to see the US prove that it isn't just invading the middle east for profit. Once again, if someone can show me how the US is taking care of the world and fighting for democracy, than write and tell me how. Once again, my email is, but I don't expect that there will be enough proof, because I don't think that this is the situation.

C: Allons-y a Paris! I am worried about our damaged world reputation and our damaged friendships. We are not supported on a world stage. I had the great fortune of being in Scotland when our war in Iraq began. I felt embarassed being American. The current administration has hurt our relationships overseas in a big way. I think that it is very important now to aknowledge this and forge new relationships. It does not have to mean bowing down to the whim of the French, or the Germans, or the Russians (although I do think that Putin is quite possibly the most intelligant world leader at the moment, and I highly respect him). It just means making greater attempts to reconcile. America is a proud country (although I don't enjoy this particular trait, it is nonetheless a trait many seem unwilling to give up), but I don't believe speaking a little French is going to hurt that pride.

I have a list that could go on forever. There are so many situations created by the US that make me sad. I feel angry and upset watching the news these days. I want to cry paying attention to world politics.

I once had a conversation with someone about globalization and capitalism (and yes, I do think that the world's issues are economic in nature), and they suggested to me that with all of capitalisms problems, it's still the best system.

I agree, but does that mean we stop looking for something better?, I'm open to suggestions.