Thursday, December 18, 2003

Henceforth, I'll never again be satisfied by another movie

I just saw the jewel of all jewels...I just had the most emotional, visual, sensational, movie overload experience of my life. The Return of the incredible. The immediate quotes heard after the movie ended from my fellow amigos:
"That was the best thing I've ever done with my life" Dave Ghidiu
"A dash mazing" Amy.
I don't remember any other comments as I was running to the bathroom. It was three hours and twenty minutes of movie. I feel now like I just broke up with my soulmate and I'll never again be fulfilled in the way that the soulmate did. And, I'd read the books. I knew everything that was going to happen. (and the movie is wonderfully adapted, everything that was important was in it, including the ending, the long drawn out ending). I saw one of the most breathtaking scenes of all time, and I was completely gaping at it. (It involves the lighting of fires above mountains)...and argh!
The thing I loved the most, was the ending...which I think made a lot of people think, what the hell? The ending is how it ends in the book, with a few things taken away. but, it gives the sense of melancholy. It is probably one of the most sad endings ever to a movie. And at the same time, it is probably the most loving end as well. I really felt like more than the movie had ended, I felt like I got to spy on a bunch of really close friends lives ending...and by that I mean Peter Jackson, the characters, the filmmakers, the extras, New Zealands support of the films, it really felt like this giant labor of love was put to rest, not just the film. Which is an incredible feeling that no movie has ever granted before. No other ending would have suited it. It's not your typical Hollywood film, and a typical Hollywood ending wouldn't have suited it. We couldn't have simply seen the end of action and than had the film say....alright, that'll be it than, see ya! We needed the goodbye, we needed the resolutions, and it was given to us, in spades. But everything was perfect. So, in sum...IT WAS GREAT!!!! GO SEE IT NOW!!!! I can't wait to see it again.

Once again, I'm stealing from Amanda...according to the completely thorough quiz I've just taken (It was 10 pages) ha! I've been given the following recommendations for life in the United States after college, the following cities were highly recommended to suit my living style. And, with the exception of the number one pick, it don't look too damn shabby!

1: Hartford, Connecticut
2: Portland, Oregon
3: Albuquerque, New Mexico
4: Medford, Oregon
5: Carson City, Nevada
6: New Haven, Connecticut
7: Bend, Oregon
8: Worcester, Massachusetts
9: Sacremento, California
10: Providence, Rhode Island
11: Danbury, Connecticut
12: Boston, Massachusetts
13: Corvallis, Oregon
14: Honolulu, Hawaii
15: Sante Fe, New Mexico
16: Eugene, Oregon
17: Sheboygan, Wisconson
18: Frederick, Maryland
19: Reno, Nevada
20: San Bernardino, California (isn't that where Bill and Ted are from? Excellent!)
21: Baltimore, Maryland
22: Salem, Oregon
23: Fayetteville, Arkansas
24: Las Vegas, Nevada
alright, why is Oregon on there soo much? not that I mind Oregon, I'm one of the few New Yorkers that know how to pronounce the state correctly...but really, it's sorta a crazy least they didn't select Pennsylvania, speaking of crazy. Actually, they didn't recommend anywhere in New York. I'm pretty much destined for one of the corners, the Southwestern corner, or the Northeastern corner. And, Oregon, which isn't really southwest, oh, and Maryland, which isn't really a corner....well, Northern California isn't either, oh, neither is Wisconson....and Hawaii, that's not really a corner of what I'm trying to say is I shouldn't live in Texas.

Back to what I was saying.....which was....erm....break, it's really boring.