Friday, May 02, 2003

New Template test

The link didn't work! Oh well...

I am 89% Rochesterian...
Check it out...I am a bit disapointed that there were no questions about white hots....I mean, it's the only place in the world where you have to specify which kind of hot dog you want from a hot dog vendor, and there are no freaking questions about it!?? And, NYC is NOT the greatest city in the world...I have objections to that question too...tsk tsk tsk

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Oh, it worked (see below)

Damn this computer!! I have written in my blog two times in a row now, and each time it doesn't work!!! This computer is being damned to hell....which is what I was trying to talk about...grrrrr. Paul Kariya, my infatuation with him grows stronger everyday. I think I have finally found a celebrity to replace Sean Biggerstaff. Or, maybe not. Or, maybe...who knows!? What the hell am I talking about anyways right now? I don't know. I just have no clue. I am sort of just talking out of my butt. haha. Speaking of which, I am Marzipan. I wish I had some excuse as to this nonsense that I am sputtering like "I'm wasted, I'm on drugs" but I have none. I do have really bad allergies. I think I have a psychic connection with Maya...we're like ET and Elliott. today I woke up to Thunder and I swear I heard Maya cry, it woke me up, because I was worried about her. I think that I am doomed like the Dutchman. I think that I like Chunk...I think, therefore I am. What if it was I think and therefore I spam? haha. That makes noo sense. There were two muffins in an oven and one muffin was like "help me! I'm burning up" and the other muffin was like "Help me! A talking muffin...ahhhh!" hahahaha. I love that joke. I don't know...people...I don't must be the ozone in the air. but really, I just think that I'll go to publish this nonsensical thinking and nothing will happen. hmm....I think that ET should've had a name, like Jon. "Jon phone home" hahahaha...think about it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003


Classic moment: Hockey commentators taking time to admire the intricately designed knee braces of the players. Move over Armani...On another note...Paul Kariya SOOO did not deserve that penalty...HMPH!

I just made a pact with Tuttle....when we graduate we are going to keep each other from continuing our boredom with life by encouraging each other to do the things we really want to do. For me, it's travel. For Jenn, it's Peace Corps. I am going to hold this pact sacred...which means that I may have to hurt Tuttle if she attempts to do something crazy like get a job. I will have none of that. And neither will Jenn. I am also going through my annual "holy crap, I can't breathe and I feel like I'm going to die" allergies because all the trees are budding. I am the true barometer for spring. When I run like ten minutes and get dizzy because my lungs are constricting, than you know spring is officially here...yippee! I am soo sickly now...I feel like an old lady. I need to go away for the weekend to the city! No trees there. Those damn trees...I will hug trees no more! Grrrr....which reminds me of a joke....A pirate went to a was rated Arrrrgh....hahaha! Awful. And yet, a classic.

Why does Goonies cheer me up everytime, without fail!? It's a miracle, that movie :)

Why is a gray day in Western New York the single most depressing thing on earth? I've seen gray days in other parts of the country and world, but yet only in Western New York does a cloudy day make me want to jump off the Niagara Gorge. I mean, is this place just that ugly that only sunshine makes living here bearable? Or, large amounts of fresh snow...stress the fresh. Note to anyone reading this....don't send me forwards...EVER. Unless you have express permission from me. I don't read them, I don't like them, and I don' them. haha. Couldn't think of a third reason. So, less than two weeks left of school. I suddenly got this scary feeling that life is short. It was a fear that just welled up inside of me. I think that this is what happens when I feel restless. I start wondering if my whole life will be this boring...what a horrible thought. I think that the first thing I'll do after I graduate and move is throw my tv and my computer off a large building and watch them smash to pieces below me! And, maybe even my music....and just start fresh...holy, I sure am in one of those moods. Restless, totally restless. Is this normal? To feel completely bored with life?? Damn those gray clouds! It better do something cool like thunder or I may end up throwing this darn computer out the window tonight!! If I close my eyes and imagine what I really want to be doing, I picture a desert, an Arabian desert, I picture Scotland, I totally see myself hiking and exploring...I don't know...anywhere but here...haha! I just got this impulse to throw things at the people out of my window...hahaha! Just for fun...see what would happen sort of thing. I really need to do something....ok, I'm off to quench my need for something, ANYTHING!...probably with nothing though :(

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

In the year 2000:
Bandits will attack Queen Elizabeth. To save her life she will have to call on the knights sworn to defend her-Elton John, Mick Jagger, and Paul McCartney...
Gotta love Conan O'Brien!

Most embarassing thing ever!!!!!! I'm walking Maya. As two people are walking out of their house to their car, Maya stops and starts taking a crap on their lawn!! And they are watching her do it. One of them smiles and says "It's alright", and I am seriously mortified. Oh the woes of having a dog...fortunately it stops there. So, now as I go running, I'll have to stop by the house and pick up the poo. So, I'll be running with dog shit. The situation just gets worse and worse......hmph.

Anaheim lost last night. Ugh. It's ok though, I was able to watch some of the game and it didn't look like the Stars were just too much for the looked more to me as though the Stars got some great goaltending from Marty Turco, and the Ducks made some silly mistakes. But, I feel as though they can still take the Stars. THEY MUST TAKE THE STARS! Dallas must not be allowed to move on to the Western League Championships! But, moving on, another pleasant day, and I got in my car and drove home. Each time I make the drive from Rochester to Geneseo the time it takes to actually do the drive seems shorter. It's only thirty minutes though...not too big of a deal. So, in case anyone birthday is SOO CLOSE! Only 20 more days! May 18th...y'all better mark your's gonna be flippin great! Anyone may come celebrate, accomadations will be given. Which reminds me....all my Buffalo girls...I hope to see you in Rochester that weekend!!! :)

Monday, April 28, 2003

An apology...not all teachers are ignorant...just enough! But not all...and not all teachers trained at Geneseo are ignorant either....I'm going to bed now content because I got to watch the Goonies...and I always love to see Chunk tell his life stories "and than the worst thing that I did was I had this vomit..." haha...CHUNK!

UGH! I am full of anger right now!!!! At class today we were discussing the role of educators in dealing with 12-14 year olds, and I am just sick of the arrogance of Geneseo's teaching school and some of the ignorant students they churn out. I have lost all faith in the American Public school system and have decided that there is no way in hell I'm putting any children I have through it. IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Of course, I was an angel during the debate...haha!...but really, I was simply stating an opinion that our education system is only geared towards students who are capable of learning in an environment that encourages listening and discipline...which I think is crap! Some students need to be hands on....I also stated my opinion that 12 and 13 year olds are capable of asking why, and deserve to learn more than just facts. And sooo many future teachers were like "no, they're cognitivally not developed" girl even told me that I should read the research!!! I HAVE! And I think it's bullshit. It's all culturally biased...we don't encourage cognitive growth in our children, so they're fucking stupid! It's what happens. AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could've punched that one girl. And, Geneseo is supposed to be one of the leading schools for teachers??? SCARY! No way in hell I'm putting my kids through a system that teaches teachers to be soo dumb and arrogant. NO WAY! I mean, I have no idea what is the best way to educate, but I think that teaching teachers that students are not capable of difficult concepts is frightening. So, what we are basically doing is encouraging kids to only learn the consensus history, english, humanities, sciences...which is in itself racist and biased. It's all written from the perspective of the white male. There are no true facts, just interpretations!! Even science is all theoretical! So, we don't get the kids asking why, and they just learn to accept one MAN's theories!!!! I mean, NO WONDER kids don't freaking know what's going on in the wonder Americans are soo damn ignorant and ethnocentric, no wonder only like 30 percent of Americans actually vote...Seriously, kids don't know shit, and no wonder the rest of the world hates us! I think I do, and is not americans is GENESEOS!, it's the fault of an archaic educational system that doesn't encourage thought and growth....but than, I am a conspiracy theorist, and it's probably designed that way to keep the status quo. Cause, once we start actually educating, than we'll have to improve shit in our government and in our society...OH NO!! People might be equal!! Shocking idealist thinking...I'll probably be arrested tomorrow for no reason, since our government decided that you can do that now!! I mean.....AHHHHHHH!!! Fucking hell man. Fucking freaking A!!! Sorry for the cursing...I just, AM SOOO ANGRY!! This is why I'm moving far away from the states...well, maybe just to Canada. And, I beg anyone from outside the country that is reading this...DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!! Now I'm mad about the American government in general. I need to cool down....ANAHEIM better win tonight, or I think I'm going to fall to pieces. HMPH!

Bad idea: wearing a wrap skirt on a windy day...unless you fancy the idea of holding the pieces of fabric down in order to prevent the world from getting a peak at your under-roos!
Good idea: I don't know...I've been having a lot of fun with bad ideas lately...I just thought that I'd try to give the world a bit of good advice in order to counter the bad advice I've been doling out.
It is such an incredibly beautiful day's the type of day that I want to be sitting by the pool drinking some ice cold...anything, and than getting in my car and cruising with music playing far too loud. It's getting very difficult to not do this....I think I am going to do this right now! :)
ooh! GOOD IDEA: Plant a tree...the world could always use more trees.
~Love, the treehugger

Sunday, April 27, 2003

A story I must relate:
I was 12 or 13 years dad had spent time instructing me on the ways of golf. I had my own mini-orange golf bag with three or four clubs and a putter. At the driving range, I was decent, but I had yet to be initiated on a true golf course. One day, it was time. My brother, a friend of his, my father, and I went to a local golf club and paid for one round of nine holes. Nine holes that would shape my golfing future. At first I was excited. I had dreams of attaining my own green jacket, of defeating my foes overseas and bringing the Ryder Cup home to the US. The little white ball with indentations was mine to own, to drive where I wanted it to go. Birdie...eagle...hole in one! I watched the three before me hit the ball. My father the only one making it onto the green. The rest would have to search through the tall grass and trees. I put the ball on the peg and got set to drive. I did everything I was taught. A grip to match Ernie Els, knees slightly bent like Nick Falbo, eyes focused with concentration to match Colin Montgomery. I brought the iron back and swung with such force that the whack I heard made my ears ring. I imagined the ball bouncing in the middle of the green, surpassing even my father's expert drive. Anticipating a great result, I looked around only to see a large patch of displaced grass feet away from the ball, which was still on the peg. Oh, the agony. Much of the day went the same. I became an expert at replacing patches of grass. I expended energy attempting to defeat the three foot hill that separated sand and green. On more than one occasion I made use of my baseball skills rather than any driving skills I had acquired. I threw my clubs. I whacked at the ball. I cursed. I forged a kinship with minions of frustrated golfers whose egos had been defeated by the brilliance of a golf course landscaper. I looked more like John MacEnroe than Tiger Woods. I never returned. A golfer is a patient man. A man who appreciates the quiet and is thrown off by a sneeze. The golfer is calculating; an innate geographer who quietly comprehends all of the earths laws. She understands focus and concentration. She will never boast in victory, nor will she cry in defeat. The way of the golfer is everything that I am not. Perhaps that is why I can appreciate golf but will never become a master. Perhaps this is why I love hockey. So why am I relating the story of a failed golfing expedition years after it's occurance? Simple: Go Anaheim :)

I just applied...again, to UB. wow. Now I just need to find a place to live. Oh, and get in. But, bragging aside, I was in the honors society of my department. Well, I guess that the bragging was not very aside in that statement! I should be in a commercial for UB. Their new spokesperson...I could say "I hated it, but decided to go back because it turns out I missed the place after all...come to UB, you can play volleyball in the mud!" I stole that from Tuttle...the last part. UBuffalo may be full of superficial girls from Long Island, hicks, stoners, Upstate suburbanites (which I feel I represent quite well), hippies, people who are incredibly stupid and only want to drink, people who are incredibly stupid and don't do anything, and of course...true Buffalonians that say they want to leave but don't want to be anywhere else...and Buffalo may be full of mullets, cameros, alcoholics, heart disease, depressed sports fan, entirely too much snow, a bankrupt downtown, pollution, two word bitter sports slogans (wide right, no goal), and greasy Buffalo wings, but it's got heart, and it's my type of town! I'm glad to be going back to the best city in New York :)