Saturday, May 31, 2003

Where to study abroad...where to study abroad...(i'm hoping if I repeat the phrase enough that the answer will come in a flash of pure brilliance)...where to study abroad...

ARGH! I have two very amazing options that I'm looking at. Cape Town, South Africa and Edinburgh, Scotland. Both have excellent universities (I'd be attending the University at Cape Town, or the University at Edinburgh) and both have excellent cities...I just don't know where I want to be.

On to different things. I'm SOOOO frustrated with the idea of eating anymore mushy shit! I don't want's pure torture...not to mention or forget the fact that I have these obnoxious swollen gums and I can't bite down, and they emit a dull ache all day long! It's not even that the pain is that bad. It's similar to the Chinese water torture...where they just drip water on your face. It's just enough to piss me off!!!!! It's slowly wearing me down....and it's really obnoxious. I have decided that I give in, and that I'm going to watch Disney movies all day long, and you can't stop me!!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2003

I made it through the wisdom tooth removal. Except for this part:

Me: I don't feel well

Wake up on floor and I say: I feel much better.

Apparantly, I was on the floor for about two minutes. I totally fainted. First time ever. Perhaps this was a warning from the government...who knows!?

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I am recovered from NYC. Sleeping all day was wonderful. On Thursday I say goodbye, for good, to my wisdom teeth. In honor of my tooth removal, I have written a sort of ode to my departed enamel buddies...

You helped me eat chocolate cake,
together, we swam in Keuka lake.
Although we've been together for so long
Talking, laughing, playing beer pong
The pain you've caused is more than I can take.
So, you're getting removed Motha F***as!!, I just wrote it, right now. Enamel Buddies would be a good band name...for, I don't know. It's really late, and I actually came downstairs to post a story I just completed, however! I am silly and didn't save the story to a disk...and my computer is turned off (it's upstairs)...and and, I have no more's laziness. So, instead I'm listening to LOLA!!! lalalalalala LOLA! I love that's soo good. "well I drank champagne and danced all night..." now I'm listening to The Refreshments, banditos...which is a song that you must download and known by heart RIGHT NOW!!!! Go....what are you waiting for!?? Do it now!!! "Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people so meet at the mission at midnight..."

I just created a cd, and I, right now...that I only like half of the songs that I put on it. Haha! That happens to me all the time. The truth is, actually, that I like all of the songs, I'm just not secure enough as a person to admit that I like all of the songs. For example...Mariah Carey's "Always be my Baby" is on it. However, you will never catch me listening to it. Even if I think that there's someone in the world that can sense that I'm listening to it, I'll change it to someone much Ani DeFranco, for example. That I'm listening to now. I'm glad we cleared this up :)

I'm gonna start playing a new game to see how many times I can use the phrase "listening to it" in something that I write.

It's also sorta cold in the basement, so I'm gonna hit the sack. Where do you suppose that phrase comes from anyways? Hit the sack...I can't possibly imagine right now, and I'm past the point of wanting to...and yes, there are many moments in my life when I do like to ponder about meaningless things such as where mundane phrases come from. And, I hope that I used the word mundane correctly, considering that I use it all of the time.

Goodnight my peeps!

Monday, May 26, 2003

My trip to NYC:

-Land in NYC afternoonish with Erin and Christina. Go to Brooklyn and hang out with Sara Mayer, Molly Tubbs, Christina, Erin, and Heather.
-Meet up with Tim and go to Tim's place in Brooklyn
-Go and hit the town! Lower East side (or was it the lower west side?) for a punk-rock concert at the Luna Lounge and than go to another bar
-Become extremely irritable at about 2:00 after I had practically fallen asleep inside the bar
-Have slight issues with the cab, attempt to correct the situation, and end up more irritable than ever.

-Wake up very ill
-Go to Tom's diner in Brooklyn
-Walk around Times Square in pursuit of Broadway tickets
-Took a picture with Sailors (yay Molly Tubbs!)
-Shopping with Christina, Erin, Tim, John Gerber, Lillian, Amanda MacBlaine (sp?), Molly Tubbs, Sara Mayer in the Village....once again become irritable. And, can you blame me? You try shopping with 8 people!!! Shopping with one person tests my patience
-Go to a BBQ place and have my first Margheritta
-Search for a pizza place with Tim, Gerb, Erin...find one, and eat. But wait!!! We were pushing the limits of time as we had an 8:00pm Broadway show to attend!
-Get a cabbie and let him know we are in a hurry which results in the most frightening car ride of my life. It was as if I were in an action movie...luckily, I survived to tell the tale
-See the Man of La Mancha! It has Maid Marian from Kevin Costner's Robin Hood as a star. And, it totally rocked. I love musicals!!! And, while I'm admitting guilty pleasures, I also love Romantic comedies that are pointless and predictable.
-Go home and sleep!

-Wake up late and prepare Tim's place for the "Enchantment Under the Sea/Sara's birthday party" party.
-Watch a lot of movies on USA
-Dress as a sea warrior!! With my sister, which eventually led me to place third in the costume contest!
-Meet an Irishman named Colin who I now have a slight crush on, regardless of the fact that he's gay...(it's probably the appeal actually)
-Various incidents happened...including but not limited to: Re-enacting the famous Braveheart battle speech, crashing a party and than inviting the new friends to do likewise (basically, uniting the apartment parties), being chatted up by a boy only to not get kissed and watch an opportunity for a kiss from a different cute boy pass me by as I was talking to the other no-kiss boy!! AARGH!!!! (I don't care if that's confusing), getting complimented on my feet (yes, that's a first), plotting to take down the government (if I disappear or something goes wrong during my wisdom tooth removal, than YOU, my faithful readers...all two of you...have a responsibility to take action!), walking down the streets of Brooklyn with a hula hoop around my neck, beer in one hand, and cake in the I was dressed with a blue sort of veil with goggles on top of my head...talking far too loudly and inviting random people to go to "sara mayer's party for cake".
-Winding down and going back to sleep.

-Woke up and went to Tom's diner
-Hunted down a taxi on the streets of Brooklyn
-came home to better weather than I left which is quite simply...a first
-took the longest, most amazing shower ever and rested.

The repercussions of the weekend (drumroll)
-MY THROAT IS KILLING ME!!!!! I must have been too loud when I was re-enacting braveheart and...well, just talking in general. And, I know that y'all are shocked that I, Colleen McCollough, talk loudly when I drink....but, it's true.