Saturday, June 07, 2003

Paul Kariya is my hero.

How anyone can get knocked out, barely be able to walk, (skate, walk, it's all the same to hockey players) and than come back and score a goal five minutes later is beyond me. And, I love how he tried to say that he just got the wind knocked out of him. We were there!!! We watched him the moment that he hit the ice, motionless, and than regained consciousness; we saw him practically topple over when he had to leave the ice. I thought that it was the end of him, yet, he came back and SCORED A GOAL! It was magical.

Oh, and Scott Stevens? Never mess with Kariya again. I'm watching you! (really, I am watching him...I watched him tonight, and I'll watch him on Monday...and I can also watch him give interviews and stuff...)


I am boycotting Upstate New York starting February of 2004 when I get the `f` out and never come back!!!!

I am sooo sick of clouds, and rain, and cold temperatures, and clouds, and and rain...and clouds...and it being freaking freezing...and those mother fuckers called clouds!!!! It isn't just like a light layer of people must understand, it's like a heavy miles wide and miles long layer that I swear starts at the sun, layer of clouds...that has one purpose on life...which is to zap all of the energy from Upstate new yorkers and and and keep us from being tan and warm....and, how on earth does anyone expect me to just sit out by the lake all damn summer in this freezing cold shit that is New York? I'm going to die!!!! It's going to be a two-month long mild hypothermia that is going to kill me by slowly shutting down all of my bodily functions.


Thursday, June 05, 2003

I just watched the MTV Movie awards...and I thought that it was really funny...especially the Matrix parody...I'm such a teeny-bopper.

Anyone know what the most theraputic thing in the world is? I'll give y'all some hints: jab, jab, cross, upper, push kick, side kick...figure it out yet? No? about this: jab, cross, back, hook, roundhouse...give up!?

KICKBOXING!!! And not the frilly cardio kickboxing...I'm talking wrapped hands, boxing gloves, real kickboxing, kickboxing. I took all my anger and abused a punching bag. It was great!! My new life advice is this: anytime you're angry, frustrated, or just need a good workout...go and do some real kickboxing. It's flippin' wonderful. I'm addicted.

I also have some serious stuff to talk about. I have figured out that I do have an obsessive personality. It totally makes sense with everything in my life, including anxiety, and all that stuff. I am also afraid that my compulsive ways have lost me a friend...and that is truly sad. And, with that...I shall go and sleep for the night. My brother is here this weekend, and I am also going to Buffalo tomorrow (and tomorrow night he-ey!) so, I should actually be having fun!!!! life isn't so pathetic afterall...oh, wait! It is.

Funniest conversation ever:

ccmcbean: I'm just ready to chop off (unnamed)'s penis
tigraj: seriously, what a fucking bastard
ccmcbean: It makes me want to puke
tigraj: dont puke
tigraj: hes not worth ur bile

On the count of three we're all going to slap Canada square across the...erm...great lakes? Canada...yes, THE Canada that (some) Americans look up to in our desperation for such things as campaign finance reform (the Canadians just know how to run political campaigns!), because they know a good sport when they see one...(Hockey and soccer huge Canadian sports...and curling...who knew that a broomstick, ice, and heavy thing could equate to SUCH FUN!?), because they have universal health care, because Toronto is soo huge and SOO clean! (See NYC? It CAN happen)...because they're not afraid like most suburbanites and leave their doors unlocked (reference: Oprah)...because they don't mind being the butt of a few jokes...because they're soo damn friendly! But, we Americans must put a stop to the madness that has led to (I loathe to say it) CANADIAN IDOL!!!! AARGH! That's right, American Idol...that damn TV show that is soo addicting yet soo destructive to good music has infiltrated the border. (which is understandable...I mean, that border is the easiest thing to infiltrate...erm...EVER!) And now the global race to become more American (WHY PEOPLE WHY!?) is hopping on board. I always thought that our neighbors to the north would always be the ying to our yang...the white to our black...the mustard to our ketchup...I could go on forever. But now Canada is going to carbon copy Simon and crew for their own "spunky" reality show. There goes my land of promise. It's like the Canada I wanted to run to when Bush Jr. got elected is disappearing. DON'T DO IT CANADA!!! Alright, we go. Get your hands ready for the biggest "get a hold of yourself" slap of your life. One...two...(I am sad it has to come to this *sigh)...three

Tuesday, June 03, 2003



Paul Kariya

And...I am getting "Giggy" wid it

that's all I've gots to say.

Except for this: New Jersey? YER MOMMA!

Monday, June 02, 2003

I can now eat solids.

I also got out of my third consecutive speeding ticket...which is more proof that I am charming :)
*I am fully aware that speeding is very bad and that being able to worm my way out of the full consequences of the law should not be a source of pride. I am not taking away from these incidences that speeding is acceptable. I am just saying that I'm damn good at pumping out the charm....that's all I'm saying! HA!

More on why I'm scared to go to camp. Imagine you are an actor. You give a horrible performance one night that leaves the audience with a low opinion of you...yet, you have to face that same audience again and once again perform for them. I think you'd probably be frightened. Well, that's where I'm at with camp. I had (and I will not embellish) two months that were quite simply the hardest two months of my life. I am not proud of my actions last summer, yet, this is how a lot of people know me. And, yet, here I am, coming back again with a lot of people doubting my abilities.'s scary to go back. However, I did learn a lot and feel that I'm at a much better place now and will be able to prove myself. But, I also may not...and that's why I'm frightened.

Ah! Must make cookies!

Sunday, June 01, 2003

I just want to know....


That's all.

I am also very pleased to inform all those who care that I have moved up in the world of food to mac and cheese...from the box. I also am feeling guilt in that there is two big bowls of pudding in the fridge waiting for me to eat them...and I never will. NOT to forget the ice cream, and sorbet. I don't know why...perhaps it is association...but the thought of eating any of those things makes me want to vomit. And, I do think that Mac and Cheese has now found a happy place on the list.

So...I have just discovered something very interesting about myself. I don't like to commit! Well...that's according to this online test I took called "why am I still single?" And, a few months ago, that would have been wrong...but is more correct than ever! It's the awful as the tooth may seem sometimes. Perhaps this is just me fearing that whole grown up thing.

Anyways...I need to do some exercise before all of my muscles atropy. That is happening as we speak. My brain has turned to mush (just like the food I've been eating...interesting!) and my muscles are becoming mush as well. I'm turning quickly into the pillsbury It's awful! I am just thrilled to know that I'm going to be starting my own brand of Baywatch soon. Well, in truth, I'm not soo thrilled about that. I'm starting to become extremely nervous about that....I'm leaving on a cliff hanger! du du duummm