Tuesday, June 17, 2003

3. How are you: How you ask? Well, one day, my parents decided to conceive another child. So, what happened...wow, this is tricky. Basically, it all started billions of years ago when a matter soo amazingly dense exploded (it's called the big bang) and all that matter started going outward...from than on, galaxies formed out of nebular clouds that went on to create planets and solar systems...I am on the third planet from the sun in the Milky Way galaxy...the inner planets (the first four) were really dense, however, it was too warm for volatile gases because of the proximity to the sun, so they all went away from us and hung around the huge, less dense, outer planets. On earth, the planet started to differentiate and layers within the earth formed. Including the core, the mantle, the lithosphere, etc. etc. Eventually, all these volcanoes came and an atmosphere developed and suddenly there was water!!! Yay!! About half way into the whole thing, oxygen developed, and than lifeforms became abundant. Eventually (I'm skipping a lot of stuff here for time's sake) Africa and Asia collided and the Himilayas (cant spell) were formed....and Africa became much more dry and the trees weren't nearly as close together...forcing these ape-like creatures to stand on two legs to walk around. They were the ancestors to the Homo-sapiens...which has a rich history. Eventually, by an amazing coincidence...my ancestors found each other, and procreated...leading the way for my birth. Now, I am composed mostly of atoms, which in turn create cells, which in turn create me. What I'm trying to say is that I am really just the collected works of millions of years of procreation.
18. How stupid do other people think you are? Let's just say being labeled "ditzy" is part of my brilliant and evil plan...mwhahaha
23. Can you feel the love tonight? Who do you think I am? Symba?
27. Do you like being naked? It has it's uses.
28. If we had proof God didn't exist, what would happen? mass chaos
38. What's your middle name? Clare
39. How many personalities do you have? One unfortunate one.
40. How many piercings do you have? two
54. Do you like cotton candy? About twice a year
55. What instruments can you play? Piano, guitar, trumpet
61. Are you organized? Are you my mom???
62. Do you sleep with socks on? Sometimes.
65. Are you a morning person? One man's morning is one man's afternoon

Monday, June 16, 2003

At least New Jersey doesn't have two titles to celebrate. Sorry if yer lost on that thought...

So, I've been reading a hilarious book. It has caused me to slack on important duties and to neglect important things. I am now a total slob. It's a book called "the ultimate hitchhikers guide to the universe" by Douglas Adams (for anyone who cares, it is actually five books...plus a bonus story...mushed into one very thick volume). I really admire the writing style; mostly I admire the complete freedom in which it is written. I think that it's refreshing how completely irreverant things are amazingly important in the book. For example, the making of a cup of tea. I feel like Adams just let his imagination loose in hyperspace and what it came back with was a really funny and deceptively simple book. I love it...I also love romantic comedies, so perhaps I'm not a very good authority on what to love.

I am not a Taurus. I am much more of an Aries (which, by coincidence is my moon sign). Taureans are determined and finish what they begin. I, on the otherhand, do not. I am sitting here, aware that I have a journal to bind, two stories to complete, and unpacking to finish (only to pack again). I am terminally destined to begin projects (enthusiastically) and than put than aside for unknown lengths of time. It is amazing that I finish these entries when I begin them.

Tomorrow I'm going to camp to clean. Isn't that just amazing??

I now have more certifications than I know what to do with. I fear that when an emergency actually arises, I will jumble all of my information, and do silly things such as teach an actively drowning victim the butterfly, or attempt a rear rescue save on a victim of a hockey injury. For the record, I am now certified in Water Safety Instructor, Lifeguarding and First Aid, Waterfront Lifeguarding, CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, First Aid: Responding to Emergencies, Oxygen Administration, Community Water Safety, Fundamentals of Instruction, and instructor for: Lifeguarding and First Aid, Waterfront Lifeguarding, CPR/AED for the professional rescuer, Oxygen Administration...and possibly First Aid: Responding to Emergencies. The scary thing is that I fear I would just freak out if I actually came upon a situation that called for my expertise. Although, I did watch my roommate have a seizure, and upon discovering she was relatively ok, I simply thought about babies and went back to sleep. So, maybe I have irrational concerns. I am like Marvin. (Reference the above paragraph...not the one about going to camp to clean, the one above that...er, actually, the one even above that one, it's the paragraph below the sentence about Jersey...and than read the book to discover what the hell I'm talking about).

Today I slept in till two o'clock and I have no remorse nor regrets, it was wonderful. Except for the strange dreams that occured most likely around noon. Other than that, it was quite the pleasant experience. I shall leave y'all with this thought:

The "hit", as we will call it, put the Duck of Ducks on his back. It hushed the thousands in attendance. It forced the franchise player to look up at a roofed building and see stars. And maybe, just maybe, it made somebody on the Ducks bench a little angry.

"I was really concerned about his well-being," said Rucchin. "You see a guy lying on the ice, and you're worried about whether he's going to be alright."

Well, maybe concerned is as close to angry as these guys needed to get.

Kariya remained on his back for what seemed an eternity before finally standing up and being helped off the ice by teammates. The crowd cheered his revival, but the question still remained, whether or not he would return.

"It's a physical game out there," Stevens would later say.

Physical or not, only 10 minutes later, like a scene out of Rocky, with the Cowbell Guy in the 400 section ringing as loud as he could and pointing towards the bench, Kariya emerged from the locker room in (so far) the most dramatic moment in Ducks history.

And even as the crowd stood and cheered, they could not have foreseen the return of his offense as well.

Only seconds later, Kariya took a pass from Sykora and skated to the left side of the Devils zone, just below the blue line. Then he fired a top shelf shot glove-side that to beat Martin Brodeur and stretch the team's lead back to 3.

"He's a competitor and he shows he's there for the Mighty Ducks," said Brodeur.

Such a dramatic turn of events is often how fairytales end, with the hero coming back "to life" and slaying the dragon in the finale.

*I didn't write it...I stole it from the Mighty Duck website...and I guess it's not really a thought afterall...so this shall really be my final thought...


Sunday, June 15, 2003

So, I just completed five days at camp, and they were fun and I feel excited now about my job next summer. I have also let go of my anger toward certain unnamed individuals, and am now feel relaxed and much happier.
I just took a trip to Wegmans and saw one of my high school crushes, Sean Magin, which was a nice surprise for the day!
Right now, I am feeling as though I am too exhausted to type...so I'm finished.

These are reasons hockey players think that they're soo wonderful to date...(warning: I stole this from Amanda who stole it from her friend, whom I'd assume is a hockey player)
1) We always wear protection
2) We have great hands
3) We have great endurance
4) We find the openings and put it home
5) We know how to control the tempo
6) We play hard and fast
7) We have big sticks
8) We're used to being smacked around
9) We're good with our sticks
10) We can score from any position
11) We never stop until the job gets done
12) We spend a lot of time in the box
13) When we get dirty, we hit from behind