Sunday, August 17, 2003

I am exhausted...but a good sort of exhausted. I am also homeless this fall...but a good sort of homeless. It's unfortunate however as I will have to drive to Buffalo from Rochester...soon to be two times a week. Which means all my classes will be packed on the days of Tuesday and Thursday. The good thing is that I will always have the comforts of home, and I will also have the freedom to go wherever I want in the Spring.

Camp was amazing this year. I loved my job...although it became a bit monotonous at the end...and I above all felt really close to the staff. I am really happy that I went. I am especially happy that I didn't let certain individuals, err, situations...keep me from coming back. I am really hopeful that next year I'll be able to go again. Who knows doing what...probably waterfront.

I really hate...despise! the end of summer. I dread having to return to school...and I dread having to be in Buffalo. I need something new. I am already bored and anxious to get out, and school hasn't even started. Just looking at the titles of the classes I am taking makes me feel...I don't know, something not good.

I also don't like keeping this journal anymore...but, I'll keep it around for when I'm bored