Friday, September 05, 2003

I kept this journal for when I'm bored, and voila! Here I am, bored....and I should be packing! Mwhaha.

So, I am a driving machine. I drive everyday (M-F) to Buffalo and than back to Rochester. It isn't soo bad either! Everyone thinks I'm positively nuts, and perhaps I am. I feel more like an ecoterrorist than crazy. Do you people know how much bad shit is going in the air because I have a stubborn belief that commuting to UB from Rochester isn't bad!?? DO YOU HAVE ANY CLUE?!?!?!? A lot....a lot. It's odd, when I type right now, I have Michael Ian Black's voice in my head, making dry comments about my day, which in turn, creates this blog that I now write. Even though he would never say what I'm saying exactly how I am saying it. Do you catch what I'm saying? Only nerds that watch I love the 80's...I love the 70's...and soon to come, I love the 80's strikes back know what I'm talking about.

Things that are occuring in the fall semester that keep me going:

*Nickel Creek in Fredonia on Oct. 16th
*The thought that I am graduating soon
*The thought that I'll be in a different country soon!! (my entire spring semester....yay!)
**My thoughts are in the fall....that's why they are keeping me going
*Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King...PLUS!: the whole damn thing all at once!!!! (the first two being extended editions and everything...Well, that's technically winter)
*the Vanity Fair magazine with all those royal princes in it...especially Prince William (it gives me a daydream for the long commute...I always wanted to be a Princess...and there are soo many handsome young men that are waiting to meet me and make me one!)
*The Diane Ream show
*The following cds: Nickel Creek, "This Side"....Ben Folds (Five) all of his cds really....Red Hot Chili Peppers "Blood, Sex, Sugar, Magic" and "One Hot Minute".....Badly Drawn Boy "About a Boy Soundtrack".....Aretha Franklin live at Filmore West....Blackilicious "Nia".....Jeff Buckley "Grace".....Sarah Sleane....Cold Play "A Rush of Blood to the Head"
*Did I mention that I'm graduating after this year!?
*All the great movies coming out soon (I must see American Splendor and Love Actually)
*Driving two feet away from landing planes (and departing planes) and pretending that I'm going on a great adventure as well.
*Luna Bars
*Norman Juster's "The Phantom Tollbooth"
*And once again...the importance of: I'm graduating after this year!!!!!!!!!!!

Colleen McCollough

(And, I do highly suggest the purchase of those cd's listed...although, depending on your age, some of them are rather inappropriate)