Friday, October 10, 2003


Apparantly...and yes, I have been doing silly things such as taking meaningless internet quizzes as opposed to going to the library and researching Neanderthals...however! I am soo stoked about what movie my life is supposed to be in...I suppose I shouldn't be too shocked as, let's face it, I'm slightly obsessed with the films and books...but, yay anyways! Alright, off to the library.

Lord of the Rings!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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I'm the Greek God(dess) Morpheus...I'm gonna get all Matrix on yo' a**!


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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Into the Mind of the Composer

I was five feet away from genius. I could see every sweat bead fall from his hair to the ground. There were moments in which I sat wide eyed, mouth gaping. I was drawn from a dusty old bar into his song. It was the best musical performance I have ever seen.

Martin Sexton is awe-inspiring.

For twenty dollars I saw a man take a guitar, a mic, and a hugely underpopulated stage and become larger than life. I have seen the best in the business perform. Bob Dylan, U2, Tori Amos, Dave Matthews, Nickel Creek, to name but a few. They are amateurs compared to him. Such a strange paradox, that the least well-known of the crew is also the most prolific. Or, maybe it's not. Maybe that is what makes him so great and intensely personal. That he is playing bars, that he is playing his music by himself, that I am surrounded by his family and friends as he's performing.

But, I know that it was more than that. It was also more than his immense talent for guitar. It was also more than his amazing voice; an instrument...the most soulful, most powerful, versatile voice I have ever heard. It was more than all of that because a person may possess these in spades and still not capture an audience. It was quite simply his love. I have sometimes felt that I am a chore. That playing for me is not fun, that the musical talent I'm watching would much rather be in a glitsy town being served by beautiful people than be in cold Western New York performing for some of the most unsophisticated people in the first world. I have often felt this way, or at least wondered if this was the case. But not Martin Sexton. I could see it in everything that he did, by the way that one song could go on forever. By the way that the crowd instinctively knew how to participate in his song (which we did many times). I could tell that he loved the glamour of a part of the country that has seen it's glory go by. I was really moved.

Do yourself a favor. See him perform live. Get his cds, they're good. don't just download him, support him. But above all see him live. I felt that i didn't want songs that i sometimes skip on his cd's to end. I felt I didn't want the performance to end. he's quite simply amazing live.

I'm so glad I got to be part of it.