Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Neanderthals in Qafzah and poop!

One paper down, two to go.

I just cleaned my apartment. I have entered a zone...the final week zone! *Music sounds: Dum dum dummm!!* My brain no longer functions correctly. Seriously, I have done the most dumbass things in the past hour alone than in my entire yearrrreek! In my entire, in this week. But that's not the incredible part. The incredible part was what occurred at O 16 hundred hours:

I was in the library, sitting at a table with friends. And I wasn't engaging in conversation. Even when attempted engagements ensued, I quickly blocked and smashed any potential gibba-gabba. (To quote Mr. T)

I remember, I can really study when I have to.

I listen to Christmas songs every morning. I have no choice...well, I have a lot of choice, but I secretly like the Christmas carolling so I have yet to find a new station to wake me up.

On a serious note:
I've had really great professors this semester. I think I've learned more this semester than I have learned in quite a while. I have really enjoyed the fact that anthropology can still teach me things about life, and that it can still surprise me. I've also had a really good semester in the social part too. A special shout out goes to my Bflo girls Aldridge (yay for Boston, and Nickle Creek! and crappy boys and their ex-girlfriends ha!) and Celine. And as always representin in high style is Tuttle (Jon Stewart is a GOD!!) Plus all my homeys back in the crib...the Cory crib, booyah!! I make the worst gangsta-sista ever :) Honostly though, I think I've finally achieved a balance of sorts in my life. I've also found my niche. Is that the same thing? Maybe I don't make a good philosophical-sista either. But, I am totally confident that my decision to return to UB was the right one. I'm just hoping my decision to leave a semester early is too. I'll miss everyone...but that's not a bad thing.

Once again I feel the need to repeat my favorite quote:

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I've ended up where I intended to be" Douglas Adams