Wednesday, December 10, 2003


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The Most Liberal Conservative Supreme Court ever?

In the Past year, the Supreme Court has:

preserved affirmative action, found constitutional due process protection for private sexual behavior of homosexuals, and opened states to lawsuits for violations of federal family leave law that combats stereotypes about female workers' domestic responsibilities; three rulings give constitutional legitimacy to rather widely supported cultural changes. (From the New York Times)

And in the latest chapter of the Supreme Court: they have upheld McCain-Feingold law on the soft-money ban for campaigns. Hmm, interesting things are happening in the land of the lawsuits and the changing law of the land. This is an encouraging personality crisis...I am actually beginning to trust this court more than I have ever trusted them in the past.
Although I'm not so naive to think that the money issues in campaigning won't stop being such a large problem, I am nonetheless encouraged by the court's decision. I was listening to NPR the other day, and the discussion was centered around the youth vote. It struck me how no one spoke of the issue of money during campaigns when they talked about reasons politicians don't address the youth. If there are any college aged voters and young professionals who can afford to make major contributions to any political campaign, than let them give money to Republicans. Ha...that joke was not so well executed. I'm running out of steam here. heh.
The point is, it's a nice thing to be satisfied with one major branch of the government for a change. Thank you Supreme Court (well, at least the 5 of you that seem to understand basic human rights).

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I'm such an idiot.

Definitely time for bed....just wrote a great blog, and I lost it due to nothing but chornic stupidity...I thought about replicating it, but the genius was in it's randomness!! I have spurts of total writing clarity, when my jumbled thoughts become much more than symptoms of scyhzofrenia, much more than additional proof that I should be sterilized. These are moments in which I transcend normalcy, in favor of a playground filled with crazy little gnomes that speak strange tongues and translate themselves onto a digital screen. heh. this, is not one of these moments....but fuck it! It was before. I said something about music, and my finals week insomnia, something about plagerism, or maybe it wasn't that good. Perhaps it is simply that it is gone, and irretrievable. Maybe it is this that makes me think..."gee, that was incredible"

Ah, but isn't that life? Isn't that life to be awake at 4:12 in the morning, for no reason than some compulsive need to study turned into an even greater obsession to organize music files? Isn't life insomnia? Or, is that just a crappy Dave Attell show. Ha!

I keep wondering why I'm still awake. And I think it is my total need to quit neglecting any creativity that I once held. Maybe that is why I spent all night with music, and other people's creative genius, and why I feel the need to just type. And not think....just type. And maybe, just maybe, it's in this moment of dulled awareness that I can possibly find something worthwhile to say, or at least some sentence that is fun to string together. It's always in moments when inhibitations are low that my enormous perfectionists block budges slightly and allows a limited stream of freedom. But, it is still there, telling me to stop being silly, and go to sleep. So ere I go, to sleep, perchance to dream....

I think I like this blog better anyways...everything turns out alright in the end.