Saturday, January 03, 2004

I Dream of Africa

That's a movie title, right? I'm sooo close to Africa and each day I get more excited. I can not even believe that in less than 14 days I'll be stepping into a completely unknown world and getting to see things that most people (in the US) won't ever see. I'll be able to just go surfing whenever I want in my choice of oceans! Yes....either the warm Indian or the cool Atlantic...I'll be able to see real Elephants not just in a zoo, but in nature. I'll be near hippos, lions, cheetahs, antelope....and some of the worlds most beautiful fauna! Cape Town has it's own kingdom, and there are more species of flowers in one walk up Table Mountain (which borders the city) than in the whole of England. And yet, I'll also be in a country that is more divided and more pained by racism than even the United States. And a really dangerous place behind the beauty, and a place where the third world exists despite the wealth it owns, which is only a few. It seems like a place similar to the United States but more extreme and more divided.
I'm heading out on the fifteenth, and I'll spend a day in Madrid and than I'm off to Johannesburg. From there I hope to see Zimbabwe and all that South Africa has to offer. Which is soo much. I'd also like to spend time in Lesothos and Swaiziland. I am terrified of being in Cape Town as well though. But mostly, I can't wait to get out there. I shall miss my Maya though, oh, and my family.
After South Africa, I think that I'd like to spend time in New Zealand and Australia and return to the US in the winter, after a few weeks of coming home between South Africa and heading off to my newest adventure, something I do crave.