Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Isn't this a South Park episode?

Tonight will be great....Evil vs. Good, old and cranky vs. young and energy, brilliant vs. untested smarts. Who will be the next V.P!? Will it be the personification of young and sweet or that crazy man in bed with oil? For my vote, it will be entertaining.....in a baseball game sort of way.

I've also noticed that it seems that the right wing arguments always seem to be reduced to things like "The left hates America" or "the world is just jealous of America". Remember when you wore that really ugly puppy sweatshirt in eighth grade, and everyone made fun of you, and than you went home and you were all "mom, what's wrong with this sweatshirt, everyone made fun of it?" and she was all "oh don't worry, they're just jealous. Or they hate puppies." So, than you go back to school the next week with that same damn ugly sweatshirt on and everyone made fun of you again, but this time you said "you're just jealous," or "you hate puppies"...do you remember that? Well, your mom was wrong. Your sweatshirt was ugly. Think about it.